Welcome to Desert Fun Bunch Sighthound Club, supporting the canine sport of Lure Coursing. Desert Fun Bunch is an affiliate club of AKC and a member club of ASFA.

Board of Directors
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Scheduled DFB Events:
All events are in the Phoenix area except as noted.
DFB's running season is over until Fall.
Here are some upcoming events from other clubs in cooler climes.
Date(s): Type: Status:
April 19,20 2014 AKC Sighthounds only. JC, QC, & Trial (all Stakes). Lobo Lure Coursing Club
May 3,4 2014 LC Test and Trial, plus CATs White Mountain Kennel Club

The first Portuguese Podengo to achieve AKC recognition as a Junior Courser was Paulo. Desert Fun Bunch is proud to have conducted the Tests that Paulo passed to get his JC title.